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  • Breaking News - Ethiopia Restructures Its Military

    Ethiopia Restructures Its Military


    Addis Ababa, December 13, 2018 – Ethiopia has restructured its defense force.

    Accordingly, it has downsized the number of regional commands to four from six. The new regional commands are Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern.

    It has also set up a committee tasked to reestablish a naval force and a special operation command.

    Based on these, the government has reshuffled military positions, according to Lieutenant General Mola Hailemariam, chief of special operation at the defense force.








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  • Athlete Haile Gebrselassie Resigned As President of Ethiopian Athletics Federation


    Haile Gebrselassie has resigned as President of Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF).

    Haile served as President for the past two years.

    He had major competition wins at distances between 1500 metres and the marathon, moving from outdoor, indoor and cross country running to road running in the latter part of his career.

    He broke 61 Ethiopian national records ranging from 800 metres to the marathon, set 27 world records, and is widely regarded as the greatest distance runner in history.








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  • Police accused Abdi Mohamed Omer, of attempting to escape from prison.



    Police accused former Chief Administrator of Somali regional state, Abdi Mohamed Omer, of attempting to escape from prison.

    Abdi was arrested following last August’s violence in the regional state.

    He tried to escape from prison through a window, police told the federal high court today.

    Due to health and safety concern, he had been kept in separate office, however, he tried to escape from the office by breaking the glass window and strangling a security guard, police said.

    Abdi denied the accusation.

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